white shutters on bay windows

Will shutters increase my home value?

We would love to be able to say categorically that having interior plantation shutters installed on your windows will increase the value of your home, unfortunately it’s not that simple to get exact property price data for before and after installation. There are some compelling arguments for installing shutters, however it does generally begin with the need for window coverings and on what type of property we’re dealing with. Is it a development / remodel for profit or is it your home which you will live in, or perhaps an upgrade before putting your house on the market. Higher end developers such as Yoo fit shutters to some of their developments along with other styles, so that’s definitely saying something about the exclusive look they can create with clean lines.

white shutters on bay windows

These shutters draw the eye for some serious curb appeal

Lets look at these different window upgrade scenarios

If the property is your home and you are updating your window coverings for whatever reason, then shutters are clearly a valid option to be considered. There are many intrinsic benefits to shutters over other window coverings, and of course we are fans, but ultimately you have to like them if you are going to live with them. Take a look at our shutters gallery here to get an impression of whether you like them as a window dressing. There are many ways of improving your home value for resale, shutters can definitely be one of them, take a look at insurance company post here.

Some advantages in having shutters fitted on windows for someone buying a home:

  1. They know they’ll last a long time
  2. They may feel less stressed that they have to get window coverings
  3. Plantation shutters look and feel very solid, which helps with the feel of a home
  4. They will save time when moving in
  5. Curb appeal is instant
  6. It’s unlikely they’d be taken with to another property
victorian homes with matching shutters

A pair of semi detached homes with matching shutters looking very striking from the street

panels of shutters being opened

Potential home buyers will investigate plantation shutters

If you will be selling your home and want to update your window coverings prior to selling and wonder if plantation shutters are a good investment then it’s worth thinking twice before installing them without consideration, as they can cost more than other styles such as blinds.

The property market in the UK has been so buoyant recently that you could even get away without installing any window fixtures at all before selling your home. However the curb appeal of your property will definitely rise when shutters are installed. Take a look at the exteriors of these properties pictured here to see what we mean. There’s a solidity and permanence with shutters which isn’t the case with cheap blinds or unflattering curtains. Using some quick and dirty solution is a worse solution than leaving your windows empty, as psychologically buyers will be thinking there’s another job to do if they do make the purchase.

Night home lit up with beautiful shutters

Night time curb appeal of home lit up with shutters

If you live in London you’ll know that house prices have been rocketing anyway, irrespective of the finish of a property. However it can be argued that the better finished a home is, the easier it will be to sell. With property prices in London set to stabilise after stamp duty rises in 2016, shutters could be one of the factors which swings a buyer. Read this article here about property price stabilisation.

  • Here are some tips if you are interested to see if plantation shutters are a good investment:
  • Do shop around and get companies to supply a written price quote (normally free)
  • Do match your shutters with the decor of your home
  • Do choose neutral colours, whatever the current fashionable palette may be
  • Do take into account the style of home you’re updating
  • Do think about alternatives and make comparisons
  • Do work with professional installers, although DIY is an option for some

We sometimes get asked if plantation shutters are going out of fashion, but to be honest they are pretty timeless and still growing in popularity in the UK.

Even in the USA where plantation shutters have been installed for years, in real volume since the 70’s, they are still a remarkably popular choice.

The conversation is still going strong and new-builds often use shutters as the de-facto choice. We don’t see that changing any time soon.

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