Window shutters in bedroom

*UPDATE* January 2017. 

It transpires this was purely a rumour and there were no designer blinds! 

We don’t always get scoops but this time we think we have got it! Sources have possibly leaked that the already extensive varieties and styles of shutters created by the British interior designer Kelly could now include a lavish range of elegant and luxurious blinds. The world-renowned designer has honed her craft since a young age and has continued to develop and implement gorgeous design styles, providing homeowners with a wide selection of solutions to controlling light in our homes.

We believe that a new welcome addition to the range, the new blinds range will be sure to reflect the exquisite quality and design of the already available shutters. Blinds offer the perfect combination of style and function to compliment or co-exist with shutters, while blinds also offer a practical solution for controlling exterior light and interior privacy. Blinds also have the ability to significantly improve the look of your home, providing an appealing and functional addition to any room and if the rumours are true and Kelly is going to be introducing a range of interior window blinds then we know from experience they will be a smash hit! Sign up with us to be kept in the loop and hear about them if and when they are available.

Using only premium grade woods for her shutters, Kelly’s current range has an emphasis on a warmer and contemporary colour palette, elegant high-gloss lacquers and a selection of deep washed wood stains. We imagine any ranges of blinds will be introduced to a similar high standard with craftsmanship and materials of quality and style. You can read more about existing shutter companies in our companies and suppliers section.

It should be exciting to find out the colour variations Kelly will use for her blinds range. There is a distinct possibility the blinds could feature the inspiring tones of her currently popular shutter range, or it could be a completely new colour arrangement, exhibiting her passion for unique decor and style – we are yet to see but eager to find out!

We are looking forward to the official launch of the Kelly interior blind range, fingers crossed what we heard is right!

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