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Here are some of the cons of plantation shutters customers have asked us about

In a bid to be as impart as much knowledge as possible, here are the cons of plantation shutters, which we have discussed with potential customers. There are also some great solutions provided, life hacks and workarounds. We believe plantation shutters are a worthy consideration as your window coverings, so please take a read!

1. Do plantation shutters block too much light?

A very dark room - bit of fun for the cons of plantation shuttersDuring the day, shutters can block out more light than curtains if you don’t open them fully even when slats are open. This means you can get a restricted view (if you have a nice view that is) and the room could potentially be darker. There are several answers to this problem.

  • You can install cafe style shutters
  • You can open the slats and or the whole shutter panel
  • You could install tier on tiered shutters, which allow the top to be open whilst the bottom is closed. See our ranges of shutters here

2. Do shutters create a hard finish in a room?

Another of the possible cons of plantation shutters is that they can make for quite a hard or harsh finish. Some homes are decorated in such a way as to be very soft and fluffy. You know, plush fabrics, deep carpets and lots of soft furnishings. If this is the case, shutters could look pretty stark in comparison. Whilst this can work in a modern contrasting way, some people may find it doesn’t suit their decoration style.

A great workaround is to combine shutters with curtains. Shutters can often be mounted into a window recess or flush to a wall. This provides ample room to hang softer looking curtains over. It’s quite a style statement in its own right.

3. Are plantation shutters worth it?

The price for shutters can be considerably more than off the shelf cheap blinds or curtains. You can buy  blinds for under £20 from major interior stores or other places and that is definitely not the case with shutters. We believe the difference is very clear though, so if you’re on a very low window decorating budget, you may want to look elsewhere first, although it’s always worth getting a rough price quotation for comparison purposes.

4. Are plantation shutters easy to clean?

window cleaning - a bit of funSome people consider shutters harder to clean than curtains. We’re not entirely inclined to agree, although there is some effort involved for a good spring clean. Take a soft cloth and wipe the slats or take a vacuum with a soft brush attachment and hey presto, all done! We think they’re much easier to clean than blinds too.

We can’t really think of many other cons for shutters, so we really do believe they are a great solution for many homes.

There are a lot of benefits however. Take a read of how affordable shutters can be and whether shutters can increase the value of your home.

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