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There is a discussion within the industry which asks whether shutters are affordable when compared with curtains and blinds. It’s obviously important to have interior products which are aimed at the right target audience – as with all products retailers have set prices which they can discount or not depending on their brand and market. With affordable shutters and blinds, the question belies whether pricing window coverings at around £200 – £300 per square meter is too expensive for the everyday consumer and home owner? How much do shutters really cost? Find out How much will shutters cost here.

It is our understanding that figures show in 2010 the interior shutters percentage of the market stands at around 5% of the whole window coverings market in the UK. This means that interior plantation shutters are a relatively small choice made by consumers in the UK. In the USA the market has far greater penetration as consumers have seen many more shutters over the years. So in the UK the price comparison is for a relatively low volume product, which in most markets tends to make the cost higher than alternatives as it is a niche product, consumers don’t have the same range of purchasing options, neither do manufacturers have the same volumes of production to get costs down.

Does DIY Make for More Affordable Plantation Shutters?

Calculator symbolising whether we can find Affordable shuttersThe interior shutter is a completely custom made product to some companies. Buying blinds can also be as well as curtains of course, however if you compare custom made wooden blinds of good quality with similar affordable shutters, the price differential is not so great, perhaps suggesting that shutters are actually quite affordable to many home owners. One of the main differences in the shutters market is that many products are sold through installation companies exclusively, so like with double glazing, or most larger home improvements which are carried out by a company rather than a DIY enthusiast, the cost will inevitably be far higher. Taking into account a measuring appointment must be made, possibly a separate design appointment, transportation of the plantation shutters by at least one installer and you can see that the price may now not be so affordable.

The DIY route remains an option, with some major retailers offering custom sized shutters to buy online, (see our shutter companies list here) which will lower the cost of these window coverings. A custom made blind or curtain, depending on various factors could actually cost more than shutters. Some blinds come with remote controls which can add up to £100 per blind, as well as decorative options on the material, metallic options etc. so in this way shutters are actually very affordable.

So in conclusion affordable shutters or not? We think yes! When you take into account the lower market penetration, less people will have the same outlook as you do with shutters so they add curb appeal and value, the quality of some wooden shutters can be excellent, so durability goes way high compared with low cost blinds lasting many years, and the range of options available, even custom colouring and sizing, makes for a truly bespoke finish which is exclusive to your home.

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