white shutters on bay windows

Will shutters increase my home value?

We would love to be able to say categorically that having interior plantation shutters installed on your windows will increase the value of your home, unfortunately it's not that simple to get exact property price data for before and after installation. There are some compelling arguments for installing shutters, however it does generally begin with the need for window coverings and on what type of property we're dealing with.
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Affordable Shutters

There is a discussion within the industry which asks whether shutters are affordable when compared with curtains and blinds. It’s obviously important to have interior products which are aimed at the right target audience - as with all products retailers have set prices which they can discount or not depending on their brand and market.
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website launch news

Cheap Shutters Web Site Launch

February 11, 2015
So, on cheapshutters.co.uk site we are aiming to provide key indicators to various shutter companies prices, provide feedback on their web sites as well as any offers, sales or discount shutters they may be providing. This will allow our visitors to gain a price comparison and product offering from several companies from one place.
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